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Create an invoice with Multi currency

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With Vencru, you can create and send invoices in different currencies. This is very useful to your business, especially when you send it to customers across the globe. To create an invoice with multi-currency: 

  1. From the Home screen or Menu bar, click Sales 
  2. Click Create new, and click New invoice from the dropdown
  3. Click on Add client and select the client to bill
  4. To add a shipping address, click Add shipping address
  5. Click on the currency dropdown to select the currency of choice. 
  1. You can edit the exchange rate by clicking the edit button and inputting the rate 
  2. Click Add item to select the items to be added to the invoice. Note that you can:
    1. Edit the price 
    2. Increase the quantity 
    3. Add individual tax 
  3. (Optional) Click Add discount if you want to apply a discount to the invoice. Discount can be added as a percentage (which is auto-calculated) or as a flat amount 
  4. (Optional) Click Add shipping fee to apply a shipping amount to the invoice. 
  5. Note that you can edit the default Issue date and due date. 
  6. You can include invoice notes by clicking Add note 
  7. To add a payment method to the invoice, toggle on any of the Payment method options 

Select Send via to send the invoice directly via WhatsApp or Email, or Save as to save as an invoice or draft

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Create an invoice with Multi currency

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