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Downgrade plan

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On Vencru, you can subscribe to plans on the Web app or Mobile app (Android and iOS)

On the Web App

  1. Click on Plan settings from the menu bar
  2. Click Change plan
  1. Select the billing frequency (Monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  2. Select the plan you would like to downgrade to and click Downgrade plan
  1. Proceed to make payment using your credit or debit card

On the Mobile App (Android and iOS)

  1. On the homepage click the three lines at the left to access the Menu bar
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Click Manage Plan and click  Continue
  1. Choose the plan you want to downgrade to
  2. Select the billing frequency (monthly, quarterly or yearly) and click Upgrade
  3. Add your credit or debit card (if you’ve not added a payment method to your apple or google account)
  4. Proceed to make payment with your credit or debit card

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Downgrade plan

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