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Client Statement

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The Client Statement of Account shows a detailed breakdown of the financial transactions between your business and specific clients. It shows the date and invoice number of transactions with the client, the value of each transaction, the credits or discounts given, the amount paid by the client on each transaction and the outstanding balance. It shows the total amount owed by a specific client within a period. To view a client’s statement of account;

  1. Click Reports from the menu bar and select Reports from the vertical tab.
  2. Select Client Reports from the horizontal tab
  3. Select Client Statement Of Account
  4. Select or type in the name of the client you want to run a report on.
  5. Click on Run Report
  6. The statement of account for your specified client is displayed.
  • Note that you can edit the date period you want a report by clicking on the arrow in the Date period box
  • Click on Run Report to get your report for the selected period. 
  1. You can export the report as a PDF or CSV by clicking the Export button and selecting which of the two formats you want. 
  2. Click Export to download your file.

Check out our video tutorial here 

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Client Statement

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